Total prize of 2 million rupiahs will be awarded to those of you high schoolers with the ability to compose an interesting and captivating essay in English. Tell us about your passions or your hobbies and dreams for the future.

Are you interested in sport, writing, music, literature, science, technology? Tell us about it! How did it all start? What or who did inspire you to play the sport; write stories; learn to play the musical instruments that you are playing; read poems and novels; do science experiments and voraciously read about physics/astronomy/biology/chemistry; follow the latest technological advancement; build your own PC; fix your Dad’s car or motorcycle? What do you love the most about it? Are you good at it? What are the challenges you are facing in improving your skills and knowledge in it? Are your parents and friends supportive of it? Have you ever thought of giving up? Do you want to make a career out of it? Or do you just want it to stay as a hobby? Why? Do you want to be a professional football player, writer, or a professional musician? Do you want to be an accountant/doctor who also scores the most goals on the weekend or an accountant/doctor who pens inspiring poems/short stories here and there?

Sign up for the competition now! Allow the world to get to know you. Allow yourself to get to know you better through writing! As Walter Benjamin said (probably at a party, to his monocle-wearing friends who spent most of their days memorizing multi-syllable words or composing intelligent-sounding phrases to impress one another at parties): “The more circumspectly you delay writing down an idea, the more maturely develop it will be on surrendering itself. Speech conquers thought, but writing commands it.” What he meant to say is that writing about something improves your understanding about it, while only speaking about it does very little (if not nothing at all) in improving your understanding about it. So, writing about yourself, your passions/hobbies, and your dreams for the future will improve your understanding and broaden your views about them. This means that you will be more prepared for your future.

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Please write for 500 – 750 words, Times New Romans 12 font, 1,5 space.

Send to unidhawritingreg@gmail.com by 31th January 2018.


What are you waiting for? Write!


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