English Department’s Lecturers Attended Website Management Coaching

On July 5, 2019, two lecturers of the English Department at Dharma Andalas University (Unidha) participated in website management coaching accompanied by some lecturers of Information System Unidha.

The website management coaching began with the opening by the Unidha Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Deddi Prima Putra, Apt. The coaching participants were attended by two represented lecturers from each study program at Unidha along with several lecturers from the Faculty of Economics and Business of Unidha.

The material provided is very beneficial for each study program. One of the materials given is that program managers are asked to be able to always update informative posts on their website for students and prospective new students. Also, website managers of study programs are advised to apply SEO to every content on the website.

At the closing of the website coaching, some participants expect that all the information given would be immediately applied in the form of updated posts on each study program website. With the existence of routine posts on the web, it is expected that it will be able to invite several new prospective students to join and study at Unidha and also invite potential stakeholders to establish cooperation with Unidha.

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