TOEFL Workshop in MA PGAI: UNIDHA’s English Department Community Service

Navigating the world without possessing proper English skills in today’s world has turned into a significantly arduous affair. A sizable part of the world’s information can be lost on people who lack the ability to process information communicated through English. Thus, it is unsurprising that many institutions, organizations, companies, and higher education institutions necessitate their prospective workers, members, and students to have certain level of proficiency in English.

The most popular proof of English proficiency approved by those institutions and companies is TOEFL certificate. However, aside from knowing that it is an English test, many are still not familiar with TOEFL. Even people who need the certificate the most, such as students and job seekers, still lack a deeper knowledge on this type of English test much less ability to achieve a passing grade.

This issue was one of the motivating factors for UNIDHA’s English Department community service team to organize a TOEFL workshop in MA PGAI Padang for 12th grade students. The workshop was led by Rahma Yanti, S.S., MEIL and supported by five UNIDHA’s English Department lecturers (Novalinda, S.S., M.Hum., Yalmiadi, S.S., M.Pd., Rabbi Antaridha, S.S., M.A., Irsyad Shabri, S.Hum., M.Hum., Thiska Septa Maiza, S.Hum., M.A.). Two students of English Department, Vidya and Jihan Pratama Oka Putri, were also involved in the event.

The workshop was held on February 15th. It started at 13:30 and concluded at 16:30. The attendees were given strategies for successfully completing various tests in TOEFL like Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension. Some tips and materials they could use in independently improving their English, hence the likelihood of them receiving higher score in TOEFL, were also communicated and given to them during the workshop. By attending this workshop, the students are hoped to be more prepared in taking TOEFL test in the future and will be able to land a perfect job for their level of education or be accepted by universities of their dream.

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